About Us

About Us

EWEL Group India Private Limited. Formerly Known as, ETEWELL Technology India Private Limited. This is an acronym for the Electrical Tools Engineered well, registered under the trade marked brand name, EWEL- Engineered Well.

The word well is derived from 'WELLA’ which means origination of a stream. EWEL has headquarter in Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore) which owns a global presence in the world of technology and engineering. A team of highly qualified and motivated, dynamic people work together to defend and expand our position as a global market leader. To do this, we focus on the following high-growth core markets: engineering industry communications and infrastructure, household and wide reach of wire & cable, electrical appliances, air cooler. We proactively support our customers at a global and local level, throughout the whole evolution process. Everything we do is focused on understanding our customers’ demands and delivering a tailored solution that precisely meets those needs.

From the day of the establishment “EWEL” has been growing as an innovative company maintaining originality and ingenuity. We have always given the highest priority to the development of new products and integration of advance engineering and technology. The company has launched a wide range of innovative products in all major categories of wire & cable, white goods and many other engineering products. We have one of the world’s most efficient service innovation which seamlessly integrates all the service process function for an enhanced consumer delight through simplifying the procedure. With decades of experience in practical applications, EWEL has developed some integrated quality & power optimization solutions in Electrical environment and load arrangements’ optimization; offering power capacity matching advices, customization and highly efficient products.

Brand Ewel

We have made all the required, essential and sensible efforts to meticulously position our brand, among the rest of the competitors in the market, by coming up with a unique attractive exclusive logo. Our logo is strikingly alluring and eye catching, right from its superficial attraction to the core meaning of it. It has its own profound connotation to it. We have made effective efforts to keep decorum in our market approach, even during the course of penetration.

After appropriate scrutiny and analysis, we feel that we have a requisite time to attempt, fail, practice and learn about the current scenario of the market. Now that we have efficient learning about the industry, we feel that we are ever ready to bounce with a bang. We feel it is crucial to stand out among the rest, to initiate our position keeping in consideration our logo’s look and feel. We wish everyone to feel that we are entering the market with vigorous & dynamic approach, to bring out the best qualitative products for our target customers.

Our Logo

The logo is inspired form two major elements – the symbol of Power, and the color of Copper. In an industry such as ours, copper is one inevitable part, which we wish to highlight through our logo. The second element is the symbol of power, which defines our industry, as it is related to electricity conduction and power generation.

The logo seamlessly combines these two elements in a circular shape, making it look like an ‘E,’ which will be the emblem for the company, helping it establish its authority in the market as a leader.

Brand Transformation

We have come up with a very strong essence of meaning in
our logo which signifies Power & core strength.


“Rolling out our vision in engineered well”. We will be known as the most innovative supplier for engineering products, reaching a leadership stance in the market by delivering competitive solutions to our customers with an outstanding service & product, becoming the most valued group for our consumers, investors & business partners.


Our mission is to expand and continuously improve utilizing quality practices, both in the domestic and international marketplaces, that result in customer and employee satisfaction. We will be an employer of choice and the best choice partner for collaboration by focusing on our stated values of Employees First, Trust, Transparency, Flexibility, Value Centricity and Customer Delight.

Our Values

Integrity: Strive to act what is right, do right and walk the talk.

Innovation: Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first.

Delivering Superior Results: Exceed expectations, consistently.

Corporate Responsibility:Serve and improve the communities, in which live.

Diversity:Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both dignity and respect.

Global Involvement: Seek a world view and act without boundaries